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Bio Everything you need to know about Mighty Mys

Seasoned lyricist and charismatically energetic live performer MysDiggi  (formerly known as Mystro) has built a reputation as one of UK’s brightest and inspiringly unique, independent vocal talents. This is proven via his impressive discography with releases such as the Music Mystro EP all the way through to the Mystrogen Deluxe released in 2015, with every project seeing MysDiggi delve into a wider range of subject matters in his own signature way that many admire him for. Unlike a lot of rappers out there, Mys has no boundaries when it comes to content and because of this he’s able to naturally express himself with integrity, whether it be MysDiggi aka Mystroworking the live stage with bands/musicians like Mark de Clive-Lowe, The Herbaliser or Smokey Joe & The Kid, working on successful advertising campaigns for Sainsbury’s, Blackberry or independent sneaker stores, he’s even found a way to lend his talents to more charitable initiatives such as Red Kite Learning & Red Nose Day …. MysDiggi does it all.

In 2018 saw Mys was involved in the Bleacher Report ‘Bars 4 Days’ World Cup 2018 Rap Ups where MC’s would watch a game then write and rap the coverage immediately after as well as the Pete Tong ‘Ibiza Classics’ tour along side the Heritage Orchestra and most recently the Subway (W)raps avdertisment campaign… busy is an understatement.

His track record and consistency has led MysDiggi to record/perform with a slew of legendary international artists, from Junior Reid, Dawn Penn and fLako through to Wu-Tang Clan, Pharoahe Monch and Homeboy Sandman whose 2016 release ’Kindess For Weakness’ saw Mys as one of the only UK rappers ever to feature on a Stones Throw Records LP. Now gearing up to release his 3rd instalment in the series, the man known as the Natural Born Spitta is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming ‘Tip Of da Mysberg 3” which will see MysDiggi dropping an 18 track project of unreleased and original material.

Currently Mys is a cohost on the Fubar Radio network alongside DJ Sarah Love for ‘The HipHop Show’, a weekly talk-based, 2 hour experience where he gets to flex his comedic muscle a little more as they discuss current topics, interview people from around the world and provide a platform for both up and coming and established artists a like, from Big Daddy Kane to Grieves to Don Cheadle, The HipHop Show is the place to be every Monday 4-6pm(GMT).

 2016 saw Mys team up with Bordeaux production-duo Smokey Joe & the Kid, becoming their frontman and participating in a lengthy two-year tour across Europe as part of their live experience which also led to the 2017 ‘Take Control’ EP released on French label Banzaii Lab. 

 As well as participation in some extensive tours around the world, earning him a reputation for his humorous wit and refreshing originality both on-stage, in the studio and on camera.

MysDiggi – quick facts:

Recorded with: Junior Reid, Skinny Man, Mark de Clive Lowe, Homeboy Sandman, Ramson Badbonez, Split Prophets, DJ Maseo(De La Soul), Main Flow, Smokey Joe & The Kid, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Jehst, TY, De La Soul, C-Swing, Daniel Merriweather (Mark Ronson), The Nextmen, Dawn Penn, Macromantics, Blak Twang, P-Money, Rodney P, Braintax, Hilltop Hoods, Joni Rewind, Yungun, The Resin Dogs, Rae & Christian, Bliss and Esso, Masta Ace, Phrase.

Supported: Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, Nas, Pete Tong, Jay-Z, Madness, Redman & Method Man, Xzibit, Raekwon, Dilated Peoples, Jedi Mind Tricks, DJ Kool Herc, Styles P, D.M.X., Ice T, Large Professor, Masta Ace, Non Phixion, Cormega, Scratch (The Roots), Platinum Pied Pipers, Hilltop Hoods, Resin Dogs, DJ Cash Money, DJ MK (Dizee Rascal), DJ Shortee Blitz.

Played at festivals globally, including: Glastonbury, Womad, Good Vibrations (Australia), Coke Live (Australia), Respect Festival, The Princes Trust Urban Music Festival, Zig Zag Festival (France), Playground Weekender (Australia), So Co Carnival, Electric Picnic (Ireland), The Big Chill, The Garden Festival (Croatia), Sound Wave (Croatia), Blues & Roots (Australia), Australian Urban Music Festival, Jambalaya (New Zealand), Boss Sounds Festival, Splore (New Zealand), Oxygen (Ireland), Ealing Jazz Fest, Deadbeat Weekender, Bondi Festival (Australia, Zsiget Festival (Hungary).

For a full discography, please visit:

UK Rap Up catalogue by MysDiggi

Mystro – 2009 UK Rap Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO):


Mystro – 2010 UK Rap Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO):


Mystro – 2011 UK Rap Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO):


MysDiggi – UK Rap Up 2012 (Behind The Scenes):


Mystro – 2012 UK Rap Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO):


Mystro  – 2013 UK Rap Up (Audio):




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Tip Of Da Mysberg 3

Pre-order ‘Tip Of Da Mysberg 3′ NOW!!

Get yourself ready for the drop and pre-order now. Buy/play ‘No Longer Mystro’ from the album.

Mystro aka MysDiggi Mystrogen Deluxe OUT NOW

Pre-order TODM3

Buy/Play No Longer Mystro

The artist formerly known as Mystro returns with the long awaited third installment of his ‘Tip Of Da Mysberg’ series and indeed makes sure the wait was worth it. An 18-track roller coaster of Mutha Luva Music from the Natural Born Spitta who has come to be known as one of the UK’s most versatile talents in the Hip-Hop genre today. Having lent his skills to companies such as Sainsbury’s, Mozilla and Subway of recent as well as touring constantly with French outfit Smokey Joe & The Kid and recently with UK legend Pete Tong (MBE) & The Heritage Orchestra, Mys has come back to take his fans on a musical journey in his signature style of entertaining, thought provoking, original material.

Linking up with up and coming producers has brought a fresh energy which is heard in tunes such as ‘No Longer Mystro’ produced by K3tih Price and featuring Mys in classic form, controlling the mood with flows, punch-lines and charisma, confirming that even though he’s dropped the name he’s still able to pick up from where he’s left off and then some.  The TODM series involves getting a healthy mixture of the different sides/moods of MysDiggi, but the difference with this release is it’s all fresh material, unheard and unhinged, showcasing the levels with tunes like ‘You With It?’ produced by Logan which sees Mys swinging his way through a skippy yet smooth riff while simultaneously encouraging the aim for change with his narrative.  

Prepare to be uplifted by the catchy ‘Keep Inspiring’ a song that spares a thought for those in different fields of work who remain dedicated to their craft or the mesmorizing ‘Dreamin’ a laid back and relaxed number that sees Mys bringing a dream world to life, both also produced by K3ith Price. There’s contrast and versitility highlighted throughout the project with cuts like the hardcore, horror themed ‘Evil Within’ produced by Al The Hammer, a sinister head-banger which involves Mys conjouring up graphic imagery that could give the monster under your bead nightmares or the Twisted Roots produced ‘Skull Island’ a track that might have the listener beating their chest to it’s infectious chorus which sees Mys take on the roll of one of the worlds most favourite great apes.  Tunes as raw as ‘Evil Within’ & ‘Skull Island transition effertlessly to more dance-friendly, Black Einstein produced ‘Left Behind’ featuring the sweet tones of Baby Sol which possesses an infectious groove plus chorus to boot and has MysDiggi comfortably make every day minor mishaps seem interesting with his signature style and wit. 

TODM3 is an eclectic yet consistent mix of the man now known as MysDiggi and believe or not it has you wanting more from him as it’s drenched in his unmatched imagery and some what invigorating content many know him for. And trust… there’s more to come…

It’s still just the Tip Of Da Mysberg… Mutha Luvaz!